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BALLS Condoms

All dressed up with somewhere to go? 

Don’t forget to stash a couple of these bad boys in your man purse before heading out. You’ve put in the effort to buzz those bollocks, now make sure they get a proper show off.

Our condoms stay in place, glide as smoothly as your freshly shaved balls, and can’t be beat in the comfort department.

Available in packs of 10 or 20, our condoms are loved by both parties involved.

  • £10

    5 Pack

  • £15

    10 Pack

  • £20

    20 Pack

BALLS Condoms

BALLS Condoms

Nick your sack
send it back

 Think we’ve ballsed up? If you experience any snags or cuts whatsoever, get in touch and we’ll deal with it - we’re that confident in our SackSafe™ technology.

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The Tesla of Ball Trimming

Performs in any weather
Gives you smooth balls
Helps pick up chicks

How do you like this Elon Musk?

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