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SackSafe Blade V2 - Replenishment (RAF Edition)

With great bush comes the need for great blades. Designed for use with our legendary BALLS Trimmer our SackSafe™ blade will cut through the most powerful of pubes.

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    1 x SackSafe Blade

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    1 x SackSafe Blade

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    1 x Balls Trimmer

Delivers every
SackSafe Guards

Our SackSafe Guards fit on our extra-sharp ceramic blades to prevent nicks down there while you groom, without any tugs or pulls. Multiple guard lengths in every package give you the ability to choose exactly how you want your grundle to look.


Snapable Blade

The SackSafe™ blade resists dirt and oil but bacteria can build up over time. We recommend replacing your blade regularly to keep it sharp for maximum performance.

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